Lions Taking 'Process-Driven' Approach to Retooling

Read more on what Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes' mindset will be when it comes to building up the Lions' roster

Welcome to the Motor City, Brad Holmes. 

On Tuesday, Holmes was formally introduced as the Lions' new general manager. 

He will have the unenviable task of "restoring the roar" to a Lions team that hit rock bottom in 2020, ultimately leading to the dismissal of both Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia. 

But, will Holmes be pushing the restart button on the roster and conducting a full-fledged rebuild or simply retooling it during his first offseason as the team's front-office "head honcho?" 

He addressed that question during his introductory press conference. 

"Definitely, I think when you get into the offseason, I think every franchise, every team, will look at the areas they might need, let's say, some retooling at and just areas that need to be addressed," Holmes told reporters. 

He added, "But, the ultimate goal is to make sure that the most competitive team is on the field, and that starts right this year and entering the 2021 season. So, (I'm) not viewing this as 'Oh, this will be a long term' -- I don't know how long it's going to take. You know, that's not the approach. That's not the mindset going into it. The approach is to make sure we can put the most competitive team possible out there on the field in 2021." 

Holmes' "bold plan" for Detroit 

Holmes reportedly revealed a "bold plan" for building up the Lions' roster in conversations with Detroit ownership before landing the GM gig. 

While not revealing specifics of that plan in his video conference with Detroit media Tuesday, he did admit that every single decision he makes with the Lions will be "process-driven." 

"Let's date back to my time with the Rams. There was a lot of what was deemed as bold moves that I was very fortunate to be part of. And often when those moves occur, you really just want to see the outcome -- what was the actual result," Holmes commented. 

He then reflected further on his tenure with the Rams and how he learned the importance of staying true to the "process."

"I can say that in respect to my time with the Rams, that all those quote-on-quote bold moves, it was truly a result from what the process was," he said. "And so every single thing is going to be process-driven, in terms of adhering to a very dynamic, sound process. And, (Rams general manager) Les Snead says it all the time, you know, 'You can surrender those results to that process.' And that will be -- not saying specifically what the plan will be -- the approach, in terms of having a very, very sound process. And, you can get some bold results from that." 

Holmes is confident that his plan of attack will produce fruitful results in the Motor City. 

"I just have a lot of confidence in the plan and the process that we'll have in place. So, if we stay disciplined in that approach to that process, then we should get the necessary results that we desire," he said.