Lions Must Lose Out to Draft Chase Young

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John Maakaron

Experts and NFL scouts agree, Ohio State defensive end Chase Young is the game-changing defensive player in this year's draft class. 

With the 24-20 loss to the Bears, the Lions were mathematically eliminated from postseason play. 

Sitting with a record of 3-8-1, there is not much to be gained from a meaningless victory at this point in the season. With four remaining football games on the schedule, it is paramount that the Lions lose all of their remaining games. 

The future of Matt Patricia and Bob Quinn will be heavily scrutinized in the coming weeks and months.

One of the decisions that could come into play for the Lions is whether or not franchise quarterback Matthew Stafford returns to the field this season. 

Many, if not all, that have weighed in have expressed that there is not a significant amount to be gained from having Stafford return to action.

It is time for the franchise to look to the future and seriously consider how to ensure Young is wearing a Lions uniform next season. 

Per Justin Rogers of the Detroit News:

"If the Lions lose out, which is looking more and more likely, they're looking at drafting No. 4 overall. To get Young, they probably have to move up a spot or two. What did it cost the Bears to move up one spot to No. 2 a couple years back? A pair of thirds and a fourth.

That's a steep cost, no doubt. But if the Lions really believe they are one or two plays away every week, then do everything you can to add a player capable of making one or two plays on his own." 

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