Fans React to Marquis Flowers Calling Matt Patricia a Genius

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John Maakaron

Former Detroit Lion linebacker Marquis Flowers was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the sixth round in 2014. 

Prior to signing with Detroit in 2018, he played for the Patriots and then defensive coordinator Matt Patricia in 2017. 

Flowers played five games for Detroit in 2018 prior to being released.

Flowers finished the 2017 season with New England with 32 tackles and 3.5 sacks. He was a member of the Patriots squad that lost 41-33 to the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LII. 

When a blogger tweeted that people are laughing louder now that Patricia is the head coach, Flowers came to Patricia's defense on Twitter. 

He tweeted, "I swear to you Patricia is a genius and it’s not him! But that’s all ima say."

The responses to Flowers tweet were interesting. Here is a sample of the responses that were tweeted earlier on Sunday afternoon.

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Comments (1)
No. 1-1

Okay,I get it.Matt,is a genius,who is a loser with Detroit,because the NFL is fixed,and the Detroit Lions,because they represent just Detroit is not allowed to win,to allow certain areas,with cities and fan bases,they care more about,to win,at least off and on. That's,the so called,that's all I'm going to say. Yet,you opened the door,to that kind of speculation,so you should have said it all if true,,or not engaged in false conspiracy talk,just to defend a coach,,for whatever reason,when their is no defense,for just another epic failure running this club,in a long,long list now going on 70 yrs. Matt,Quin need to be gone,but not till after season,Stafford needs to stay out till next season,and a Harbough style coach,needs to finally be hired. PEROID. Pray for peace in the world.