Matt Patricia breaks down Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and Travis Kelce

John Maakaron

As much as the Lions are trying to avoid calling Sunday's game against the Chiefs a statement game, the importance of playing well and executing in all phases of the game is imperative.

Lions head man Matt Patricia spoke to the media Wednesday, and provided his insights regarding the Kansas City Chiefs.

On Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

"He is very accurate as a passer. The thing that is amazing is he is accurate whether he is in the pocket or whether he is out of the pocket, too. Also, his ability to keep his eyes downfield. He is doing a great job, whether he is in the pocket or once he starts to get pressure, he finds those guys. He is not looking at the rush, he is trying to look for his players downfield. His arm strength and his accuracy help in those situations, being able to complete big plays down the field."

Patricia added, "I think right now what your seeing on tape, you are seeing him (be) extremely efficient. On the sideline is where I would like to see him the most. He is a really good young player. Every single play, he is extremely dangerous."

On Chiefs head coach Andy Reid:

"Obviously, a very balanced offense. The run system is very quick. They will get to the edge, (and) they are going to run their zone schemes, the stretch schemes. Everything that they do has packages. He does a great job of once the call is in, the offense operates very quickly. You are going to see a lot of different personnel groups, a lot of shifts and motions. There is a lot of speed on the field in general."

Patricia also noted, "Andy is always on the edge of what's new and what works. He does a great job of trying to fit the scheme to the players that he has. He has done that really well. He is a great play caller, and puts a lot of stress on the defense right from the start."

On Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce:

"There are a lot of really good tight ends in this league, and we have got a lot of them on our schedule. Kelce is very big and very physical. He likes to play the physical part of the game. He is a guy that will run block, will motion and get to the edge. He is a huge target for them in critical situations. He has got great hands."

Patricia also commented, "The thing about him that is deceptive is for as big as he is, he plays fast. This guy can get vertical fast. His run after the catch is really phenomenal. He runs through a lot of tackles. He is heavily trusted by the quarterback (Mahomes)."

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Lions will lose but will surprise people. Sucks they have so many injuries


There are a lot of people who think Lions Win Sunday - I would be shocked


Holy shit. I hope I'm saying that after a Lions win Sunday & not after a pounding. Chiefs r so tough to stop. Having Slay would help but I don't think it will matter. Lions CAN'T outscore them, just hope to keep it close to the end of the game & then say a prayer.