Matt Patricia Responds to Question Regarding Golladay Extension

John Maakaron

Wide receiver Kenny Golladay has yet to secure a long-term contract extension from the Detroit Lions. 

Prior to the season, Detroit's talented wideout expressed that he had confidence a new deal would get reached. 

“No worry right now,” Golladay said back in August. “But, I mean, as of right now, I can only control what I control. I want to be here. Really, I’m just going to let my agent and front office take care of that. Pretty sure something will get done.”

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Unfortunately, Golladay and the organization that drafted him in the third round of the 2017 NFL Draft have not agreed upon a new deal.

"I’m going to just play the season, and if a contract gets done, it gets done. And ... if it takes till the end of the season, then, it takes till the end of the season," Golladay said last Friday during his latest media session. "If it doesn’t happen, then, it doesn’t happen. Just keep moving forward. Only thing I can really control right now is my play on the field and the energy I bring on the field every day."

During Thursday's pre-practice media session, Lions head coach Matt Patricia was asked about Golladay's contract situation and if he needed to speak to the wideout following his post on Instagram that was interpreted as a message to the organization.

"I never comment on any individual players or coaches in contractual situations. I just don't think that's right. But, I mean, Kenny's a phenomenal player. He had some unbelievable plays in the game that were great," Patricia said. 

Patricia added, "I think he's a great part of our team. He's dynamic. I love being around him, and I love coaching him. I don't want to get into anything outside of that. I think he's continually developed, and I think he's really seen a lot of different things through the course of the week, from coverages that have maybe changed compared to his first year. Guys or teams have to pay more attention to him. I think that's a huge compliment as a player, when defenses have to do stuff to really make sure that you're not out there doing what you can do." 

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Comments (10)
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KG is so overrated! He's wants elite $$$ but he's not an elite player.


They're probably waiting to see if he remains healthy during the season before committing to the big bucks.


Lions need to pay KG

5 Replies


Agree 100%. I just read an interesting article in which they compared K. Golladay's first 45 games to Calvin Johnson's first 45 games. Most would suggest that compairing the two is unfair. However I was shocked to see the stats.

K. Golladay's first 45 games (177 catches/2,954 yards/21 TD's
C. Johnson's first 45 games (193 cathces/3071 yards/21 TD's

WOW!! The numbers are almost identical. In fact, the numbers show that Golladay has a higher yards per catch ratio.

I can't stand the argument about serperation with respect to Golladay. If you want to put him under a microscope and complain about something, then fine I get it.
But show me a guy who's put up numbers like this in their first 45 games? The bottome line is he's putting up Megatron like numbers.....Period end of discussion.

John Maakaron
John Maakaron


He is putting up massive numbers and is worth big money. But, can you find similar production in the draft? The number of productive wide receivers coming from college has been impressive lately. What if Golladay is asking for 20 million +
His asking price may be too high


I understand what you're saying. However, if this were a young Megatron we wouldn't dream of letting him walk out the door. Yes, I get it, Golladay isn't a breath taking athlete like Megatron, but he puts up Huge Numbers. In terms of athleticism he probably compares more favorably to AJ Green.

The draft is always a crap shoot. It's probably 50/50 at best. I'd rather pay the guy and keep a proven commodity, then risk it on a guy from the draft. Furthermore, this team has a TON of wholes on defense. Pass Rush is the most expensive position to fill outside of QB and LT. I'd rather use the draft on a Pass Rusher instead of WR.


I guess it all depends on what your mindset is with respect to the long term vision for this team. If you're thinking rebuild, then of course you don't sign Golladay. You trade him for draft picks, you trade Stafford for Draft Picks, you trade J. Davis for draft picks, and you trade as many former New England players for draft picks (D. Harmon, D. Shelton, J. Collins, mabye even T. Flowers).

If rebuild is the plan, then No don't sign Golladay. Go grab as many draft picks as possible over the next 2 drafts, and completely restart.


The comparisons to Calvin Johnson are interesting. I just think in today’s NFL, you need to retain your best players. Hoping the contract works itself out with Lions