Matt Patricia: 'I Know What the NFL Is About'

John Maakaron

In two seasons coaching the Detroit Lions, Matt Patricia's record is 9-19-1. 

The team's poor win-loss record under his watch has caused heavy scrutiny. 

While he consistently resorts to expressing how tough and competitive his team is, that provides little solace to anyone. 

The fan base is upset and frustrated, and many have started to openly question whether or not he has the ability to coach winning football. 

"We are in the middle of a process," Patricia said after Sunday's 20-7 loss to the Vikings. "We know we are trying to get better." 

Patricia was also asked in the postgame if he understood the scrutiny surrounding his job. 

"I'm in the NFL. I have been in the NFL a long time. I know what the NFL is about," Patricia said. "I do understand that, but I also understand what we are trying to do."

Patricia went on to explain that other coaches have struggled in the early years of their coaching tenures. 

"I know that there are a lot of coaches that have taken over programs, and really tried to start and build something and work from the bottom to try and build it," Patricia said. "I know what those records look like, too, when those guys have all started out. For me, I try not to look at that stuff. I just try and look at each week, and that is the biggest thing for us." 

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Ya,Matt knows everything about the NFL. Remember,he is a genius. Everything except,how to get victories,when he is the head man,or changing the historic losing SOL ways. Which was his prime mission. And yes,great coaches have started worse. But,he wasn't hired to rebuild. He was hired because 9-7 and one and out in playoffs wasn't good enough. Not to lead the Lions to 2 straight last place finishes. And to just another sad chapterof the SOL history. I've said from beginning,his not telling about his personal issue,before he was hired,whether innocent or guilty,set him up on the wrong footing from the very beginning. Undermining his neccessary discipline tough act, the first season and making his nicer 2nd year act look like just desperation,trying to save his job. Players won't put all out or be disciplined by one they don't respect,and double that for one with no head coaching track record. As I also said,he was supported by fans over this,just wanting a winner,as long as he actually won. If he didn't,they would leave his side fast,and he would have nothing,to back him,through the tough times. The only thing possibly saving him is the Ford's. And their track record of giving losing management more time then most. All part of SOL. But Mrs Ford,to get her Super Bowl Memories,knows she is running out of time. Even one more year of being wasted,could be it. Matt's process is a pathway to oblivion,even for the losing Lions,used to hopeless seasons. And the same goes for the GM. Unless by a miracle,in time,he cuts the chord,with Matt and gets a Harbough like star hype coach,before Mrs Ford does,hopefully. Regardless,if he dosent,or Mrs Ford dosent,this will end in no later then one more year. But why waste one more year? Isn't 64 years enough?Mrs Ford.