McVay on Suh: 'Pleasant Guy To Deal With'

Mike Mady

Los Angles Rams defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh spent the first five years of his career with the Detroit Lions.

The former No. 2 overall pick bolted for a mega payday in Miami after his rookie deal expired. His departure, via free agency, marked a tumultuous end to a turbulent tenure in Detroit.

Suh joined the Rams this year after three years with the Dolphins. Thus far, he's getting glowing remarks from his head coach.

“All I can speak to is my experiences with him and he’s been nothing but great. He’s an extremely mature player," said Rams head coach Sean McVay. "I always appreciate the dialogue we can have where he’s got such a great perspective based on his experiences. But then he’s also extremely intelligent with how he looks at the game. And then obviously just some of the thing that he does just outside and using the platform that he has from the NFL in a positive way, it’s really impressive. 

"And the people that we really value that knew Ndamukong closely, Ted Rath, guys like that spoke very highly of him. And he’s been nothing but a pleasant guy to deal with day-in and day-out and I’m certainly glad he’s here. But I’m just thankful that we have Suh here with us.”

Regardless of reputation, Suh was unquestionably a dominant force with the Lions. His sack total has declined every year since leaving Detroit, but he does have a chance to buck that trend by recording another sack and a half before season's end - not to mention that sack totals aren't always the best means of measuring an interior defender's impact. The Rams seem pleased with Suh's contributions.

"Ndamukong’s versatility has been something that’s really been impressive to us as an organization," said McVay. "I think he’s an extremely smart player. Clearly, he’s had an extremely productive career. And his presence has definitely been felt by our football team in a variety of positive ways and I think he and— (defensive tackle) Aaron (Donald) what’s unique is just watching those two kind of the give and take that occurs and the mutual respect that exists between two perennial All-Pro players. And we feel very fortunate to have Ndamukong here with us.”