NFL Exec on Stafford: 'He's Not in a Position to Maximize His Ability'

John Maakaron

Matthew Stafford has spent his entire 11-year NFL career playing for one organization. 

Unfortunately, playing for the Detroit Lions has not brought Stafford or the team the level of success that anyone would have originally envisioned. 

"It's the Stafford syndrome -- he plays in Detroit, so he's not in a position to maximize his ability," one NFC exec said via ESPN. "He's a major talent who'd probably be a top-five quarterback with an established franchise. He can score from anywhere on the field."

In a recent ranking of NFL quarterbacks, Stafford was listed as the 10th-best NFL quarterback, per the results of 50 league executives, coaches, scouts and players voting.

As ESPN writer Jeremy Fowler explains, 

"Most everyone agrees Stafford's arm is top-five level. He was on pace for nearly 5,000 yards and 38 touchdowns before a back injury cut his 2019 season short.

He was phenomenal from inside the pocket, with a league-leading 82.7 QBR, 66.2 completion percentage, 8.8 yards per attempt, 17 touchdowns and three interceptions.

The core issue with Stafford is simple.

'What has he really done?' asked multiple execs, referring to his 0-3 playoff record."

Despite many around the league wondering about Stafford's resume, there is potential to accomplish more this upcoming season for the Lions organization. 

Many of Detroit's top offensive weapons are returning, and the organization has made a concerted effort to bolster the running game and the offensive line. 

If Stafford can remain healthy, he may actually begin to answer some of the questions from many across the NFL. 


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I always thought Stafford was overrated. Outside of Detroit, the national media doesn't show this guy any love. I constantly hear fans make excuses why he hasn't had success in detroit. They'll be right at the bottom division again in 2020.


Hes not great and he never really was. That's what's so sad about Lions fans. They see an average player and they think hes a hall of Famer.


NFL Execs are probably right. Detroit hasn’t helped him out much with the talent around him but this season he really has no excuses. If he doesn’t play well or gets injured, time to take a serious look at a replacement


Spot on from these execs. What has he done? Why are all the Lions fans in la la land like he will all of a sudden turn on a switch and win 12 games. It isn't happening in Detroit