Packers Exploring List of Quarterbacks to Sign

Could Aaron Rodgers actually be done playing with the Green Bay Packers?

The saga involving Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers took an ugly turn on Wednesday, when it was reported that the veteran quarterback has mocked general manager Brian Gutekunst in group chats with his teammates. 

Rodgers reportedly referred to the GM as Jerry Krause. Recall, the controversial Chicago Bulls executive was largely responsible for making personnel moves that Bulls legend Michael Jordan disagreed with, which led to the eventual breakup of the Bulls dynasty.

With the likely realization it may be time to begin preparing for the future, the Packers have reportedly started to explore their options. 

According to ESPN, the "Packers have begun exploring QBs they can add to their roster for OTAs and training camp, per sources. Jordan Love currently is the only other quarterback on the roster, but the team also faces uncertainty surrounding Aaron Rodgers. Packers’ QB search includes some veterans."

Rodgers made waves this past weekend when it was reported that he informed teammates he was not planning to return to the team. 

Furthermore, he has reportedly communicated with potential free agents, informing them that he didn't expect to be on the roster in 2021.

"Aaron Rodgers was telling the Packers' prospective free agents basically 'before you make any decisions, I'm probably not going to be here.' To the point where he was telling them, I'm told, all the way back to the beginning of last season," per an NFL Network report. "Now that was in the months after the Packers had drafted Jordan Love."

The Rodgers era in Green Bay appears to be coming to a close, and it will be a situation to continue to monitor, as the Packers figure out how to handle Rodgers' contract and any bonuses already paid.