Columnist Writes, "Tannehill Has Been Slightly Better" Than Stafford

John Maakaron

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford continues to be a lightning rod for criticism among fans and the media.

With the upcoming AFC and NFC title games, many are wondering what is the recipe for success among the NFL's most successful franchises. 

The one constant in the last 11 years for Detroit has been Stafford. 

While all of the struggles cannot be blamed on Stafford, it cannot be ignored that the organization simply has not had meaningful success with Stafford under center. 

Pat Caputo, columnist for The Oakland Press, recently wrote about what the success of Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill means for the Lions' franchise passer. 

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As Caputo penned, "It’s surprising, when you go beyond total passing yards and yards per game, how the careers of Tannehill and Stafford have mirrored.

Actually, Tannehill has been slightly better.


Career record - Stafford 69-79-1, Tannehill 49-49.

Completion percentage - Stafford 62.5, Tannehill 63.5.

Percentage of passes for TD - Both 4.5.

Percentage of interceptions per attempt: 2.4 for Stafford, 2.5 for Tannehill.

Yards per passing attempt: 7.0 for Stafford, 7.2 for Tannehill." 

Caputo ends his column expressing that Tannehill's recent career resurgence should increase Stafford's trade value.

Also, he writes that it should be another reason for the Lions to consider trading Stafford.

Do you agree or disagree with Caputo's premise? Let your opinion be known by commenting below.


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A QB is as only as good as his team ! As far as Tannehill he has had better run game !And that paper needs new sports columnist because he knows little about football. IT TAKES A TEAM EVEN IN NEW ENGLAND !


Pat Caputo is slightly better than a 3rd grader on a sugar rush.


I agree Stafford needs to go because he does not take the Lions to the next level, BUT there is no way tannehill is good as Stafford.we would have same results with tannehill


How many playoff wins does Statford have?


pat caput o has had a lame career out of making lame attention seeking statements and judgements


You gotta be kidding. Nobody listens to this guy Pat Caputo simply because he is an idiot and a columnist for The Oakland Press. Tannehill's career slightly better than Stafford's? What is this clown smoking. How many 4th quarter comebacks does Tannehill have? Is he the QB to reach 40,000 yds faster than anyone who ever lived? Has he thrown for 5000 yds in a season? Played with and thru a broken back? I'm gonna stop right there yet I got a list a mile long that says Tannehill couldnt hold Staffords jock strap.


Tannahill has never been a franchise qb, better than Stafford yeah that's why Miami traded him. Remember Trent Dilfer, Baltimore won a SB despite, not because of him, same with Tannahill.