Quotable: Patricia Gives OLine Vote Of Confidence

Mike Mady

The Detroit Lions have invested a lot into their offensive line.

At times, those investments have paid dividends (see the performance against the Miami Dolphins as a prime example). Last week, however, showed that the unit isn't immune to crashes.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia opted to focus on the positive when asked about the group on Wednesday. His full quote below:

"I like our offensive line a lot. These guys work extremely hard. The offensive line is a hard group to play in. Like you said, my background with the O-line, I understand that, again, I think I’ve mentioned this before, when you try to see the game through the same set of eyes five different way, it’s not easy," he said. "But I would say our group works extremely hard every single day to get better and I think if you look at the overall picture of what we’re talking about, this group has been one of the groups of our team that has gotten much better in the course of a year.

"I think we would all agree that this offensive line has gotten a lot better and that’s a positive. Look, no one likes a game that we had on Sunday. Certainly not a good situation for us there, there’s a lot of contributing factors to something like that. But, I think again, it’s a full team game so we probably should done something better all the way around to help everybody because obviously we didn’t win and that’s the main thing, is trying to win. But I would say from the offensive line standpoint, they come to work every single day, grinding it out, trying to get better, really trying to learn the techniques and trying to improve. It’s probably one of the best groups that we have that’s trying to do that every single day.”