Buy or Sell: Matthew Stafford's 2019 Season Should Be Over

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John Maakaron

With a record of 3-5-1, the Detroit Lions are in last place in the NFC North. 

Recall, the Lions were 2-0-1 after their first three games.

Sunday's 20-13 loss to the Bears all but ended the Lions' slim chance of making the postseason. 

To have had a chance, the Lions would have needed to go 7-1 in their last eight games.

In consecutive seasons, longtime Detroit quarterback Matthew Stafford has suffered a significant back injury. 

After playing in 136 consecutive games, Stafford did not play Sunday against the Bears. 

The argument can be made that Stafford should be allowed to fully heal and should be allowed to rest for as long as that takes. 

There is nothing to play for at this point in the season.

Those that are proponents of tanking will declare that by losing out, the Lions can have an opportunity to draft high-impact players in the 2020 NFL Draft. 

Without a real running game and with an offensive line that has injuries to two starters, the risk of Stafford further injuring himself is great. 

The upside to playing Stafford again in 2019 is ending the year on a good note and continuing to build upon offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell's offense. 

And maybe, just maybe, Stafford's success this year with talented weapons T.J. Hockenson, Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny Golladay can carry over into 2020. 

Where do you stand? Do you want to see Stafford again in 2019?

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Stafford's play and comfort with the new offense & coordinator is something to build on. No reason in the world to play him again this year and risk losing him going forward. Patricia needs to get his act together with this defense in the second half of the season. Not what most of us expected with the depth on the D-line. I've always been in Patricia's corner in terms of giving him some time, but regressing like this on defense is NOT a confidence booster and if it continues would be a really sour note to end this season on.


Stafford is by far and away the Lions best player outside of Prater (based on position) therefore, there is no way I would bring him back in a lost season. Let him heal, let him teach young Driskel, and allow him to comeback and try to repeat early 2019 success.