New Lions Staff Gives Organization 'Best Chance to Win'

Read more on why Chris Spielman believes the new hires made by the Detroit Lions have succeeded in the first two months.

Detroit Lions special assistant Chris Spielman is confident in how the organization is planning to turn its fortunes around.

The ex-linebacker has observed how the first two months of general manager Brad Holmes' and head coach Dan Campbell's tenure have progressed, and he likes what he has observed in the first sixty days. 

"Dan and Brad have done exactly what they would say in the interview in the process," Spielman said during a recent radio interview. "Anybody can say anything during the interview process. Until we see it with our own eyes, which I have, now I feel like we're giving ourselves the best chance to win as soon as possible. I don't know when that's going to be, but I'm very confident it will happen."

Heading into free agency, it is believed that the Lions won't be committing to high-priced additions due to their stated commitment to building through the NFL draft. 

"I'm sure in free agency, in any philosophy, you can fill in voids in free agency, but you can't buy a locker room. That's been a philosophy for a lot of teams. Generally, what I believe, you want to build your team through the draft," Speilman said. "It's kinda draft, develop and re-sign. I think that's hopefully the direction the Lions will take. Everybody understands that the most successful teams, usually, build through the draft, get your core nucleus of players and you try to re-sign those guys to a second contract."

Opinion of new quarterback Jared Goff 

Even though he could not officially comment on the Stafford-Goff trade, Spielman did express his admiration for the young quarterback's accuracy and toughness.

"You look at a guy like Jared Goff, when I watched him during my time at Fox when he played for the Rams, there's a lot of good things you like about him -- his accuracy, his toughness," he said. "I think that I've always had a great admiration for him. He's a hard-working guy. Sean McVay, although he might have a little bit of disagreement with him, always saw the potential in Jared."

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