Trent Dilfer Says Tagovailoa Throws Better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino

John Maakaron

Ahead of the NFL Draft, the evaluation process involving former Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa has ramped up. 

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer has now claimed that Tagovailoa throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino. 

“If he would have never gotten hurt there would have been no discussion about who the best player in the draft is. He throws the football better than anyone throws the football. He throws better than Aaron Rodgers and Dan Marino. Whoever gets him wins the draft because you are getting a Hall of Fame player," Dilfer said via The Washington Post.

Detroit can ill-afford to pass on a quarterback that turns into a mega star for another organization. 

If Dilfer's assessment turns out to be true, Tagovailoa could become an elite franchise quarterback for years to come. 

The largest concern many will state is Tagovailoa's injury history -- and rightfully so.

In order for an organization to commit to Tua, they must be absolutely certain that he is healthy and capable of playing for many years in the NFL.

ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky is one of many who is skeptical at the moment. 

Former NFL executive Michael Lombardi reported Tagovailoa had a failed physical with one NFL team. 

Lombardi said on his latest GM Shuffle podcast, "At least one team failed the physical on Tua, others have to be concerned now as well. What they they saw the fact it’s not just his hip. It’s his ankle. It’s his wrist. He broke his wrist the first day of spring ball one year. And then they fixed it, he came back, and he broke it again."

Lombardi added, “I’m not disputing the evaluation. I’m saying that if you’re picking a quarterback, it’s really hard to pick a good one. It’s even harder with a guy who can’t stay healthy. That’s my point. So yeah, two teams I’ve talked to have flunked him. They flunked him on not just the hip, on the multitude of injuries. Like, the risk far outweighs the reward.”

Do you agree with the critics of Tagovailoa due to his health risks or with Dilfer, who claims that the team that drafts him wins the draft?


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Don’t think lions take a QB that high


I’d be more likely to believe this was a rumor so he’d drop to lower his price to come up to get or drop to someone like Miami so they’d not spend (Draft picks) anything to Get him. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. Detroit has to think of eventual Stafford replacement.


They have to take Tua is generational talent. If the Lions don't take him biggest franchise mistake ever!


Too risky IMO