Tuesday notebook: Bevell and Pasqualoni address their concerns about the Eagles

John Maakaron

Two days after the Lions' victory over the Los Angeles Chargers, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni addressed what challenges the Eagles present this week.

Highlights of today's conference call:


On what problems Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox poses: “Yeah, they have a solid front with Fletcher and Brandon Graham on the same side. They can move those guys around with (Derek) Barnett. It’s an active front. They do a great job of getting penetration and really trying to work up the field and wreak havoc that way. Fletcher has been a good player for a long time and someone that we’ll have to make sure that we have answers for. It’s a good combination of him and Brandon Graham working on the side together.”

On the evolution of Philadelphia defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s defense: “Obviously, he’s done a great job with the personnel that he has, and he’s able to use those personnel and bring out the strength in players. He’s very, very aggressive. You could see the other night (when) he was really going after the Falcons. But, he could also change that at any moment if he needed to -- he could go to full coverage. He has everything that he needs to. He has all the personnel that he needs, and he knows how to use those players well."

On Tyrell Crosby's performance against the Chargers: “We were really happy with the way, basically, all five of those guys played up front. To get out of that game with no sacks was really a credit to them. The way they were able to handle those two guys on the edges (Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram) -- those guys are as good as they come.

(Crosby) still had some improvements that he could make, but really liked the effort that he put out there. We gave him opportunities in one-on-one matchups. There’s still maybe some technique things that we would like to get cleaned up. I know that he’s working on it. But, for the first time going out there with me being here, I was pleased with his performance.”


On identifying the staples of Schwartz's defense: “It’s very, very aggressive, obviously. They’re really masters at creating minus-yards plays and just creating pressure. He’s always done a really good job of making the quarterback uncomfortable and the marriage of rush and coverage. They’ve got an outstanding group of guys there and (an) outstanding group of coaches. Really on both sides of the ball, they do a hell of a job.”

What Eagles tight end Zach Ertz means to Philadelphia: “He’s just such a difficult matchup. He’s so productive. The quarterback (Carson Wentz) is just so confident and so comfortable with him. He’s so crafty. He’s tough. He’s so competitive.

If you have the guys that they have, it just makes it hard to take care of all of those wide receivers. And then you have outstanding running backs and you have great tight ends as well. It just creates all kinds of problems for you.”

Assessment of Lions rookie linebacker Jahlani Tavai: “Yeah, I think Tavai is really showing us that this NFL game is not too big for him. He’s just a rookie -- two games into pro football -- and pro football is so much different than college football. I think he’s handling the preparation very well. I think he handles himself on the field well. He’ll get better and better the more he plays. The more he sees, the better he’s going to be. Like a lot of young guys, he’s a work in progress. He is really getting better each week.”

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