What Advice Has Matthew Stafford Given Backup Jeff Driskel?

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John Maakaron

Lions backup quarterback Jeff Driskel is not used to playing on Sundays on a regular basis. 

When the starting quarterback -- Matthew Stafford -- has not missed a start since 2011, one could assume you are not going to see the playing field all that much, barring injury. 

Driskel was asked Wednesday what it was like to wake up sore on a Monday, following an NFL game. 

"It's real out there. It was a shock to the body," Driskel said. "Got to turn back around and get things going again this week. Not much time to think about last week. We are all moving forward."

Jeff Riger of 97.1 The Ticket also asked Driskel what advice he's received from Stafford. 

Driskel replied, "You know, he is just a great teammate. Great professional. He has been doing it a long time. He has played a lot of ball. He has seen a lot of different things. The biggest takeaway from him is just go out there and play. I thought he did a great job helping me out a lot on Sunday. It just goes down to him being a great teammate, great guy and a great competitor. Happy that he is on our side."

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I'd just like to see him win a game it does wonders for a backup or rookie starter to get that first 1 but he must win quick & had he just played a little better in the 1st half he could have won but it isn't like Mathew hasn't had bad 1st halves but our D is Ouch


Play calling help + I think Mathew kind of helped him scramble but with more reps this week he should be a bit better...though his TD was scrambling right he seems to do better left & he had the 1st down + on the last drive + he should see the Field more & must get a rhythm or we will see the same the only advantage he doesn't know is that the scouts don't know but they know he is raw & scared but he has poise he just has to trust it