Podcast: Do the Detroit Lions Have Enough Good Players?

John Maakaron

Now that the virtual offseason is underway, John Maakaron and Logan Lamorandier discuss do the Detroit Lions have enough good players to compete at the highest levels on this week's podcast.

Topics include:

  • Should the Lions pursue safety Jamal Adams?
  • Does Jamal Adams fit the Lions defensive sceme?
  • Reacting to the Lions being snubbed by both the CBS Top-100 List and the NFLPA Rising Stars List
  • Who are the potential rising stars on the Detroit Lions roster?
  • How much should wide receiver Kenny Golladay be getting paid if his contract is indeed extended by general manager Bob Quinn?

Lions 2020 Schedule

Week 1 - Sunday, Sep. 13 — vs. Bears

Week 2 - Sunday, Sep. 20 — at Packers

Week 3 - Sunday, Sep. 27 — at Cardinals

Week 4 - Sunday, Oct. 4 — vs. Saints

Week 5 - BYE WEEK

Week 6 - Sunday, Oct. 18 — at Jaguars

Week 7 - Sunday, Oct. 25 — at Falcons

Week 8 - Sunday, Nov. 1 — vs. Colts

Week 9 - Sunday, Nov. 8 — at Vikings

Week 10 - Sunday, Nov. 15 — vs. Redskins

Week 11 - Sunday, Nov. 22 — at Panthers

Week 12 - Thursday, Nov. 26 — vs. Texans

Week 13 - Sunday, Dec. 6 — at Bears

Week 14 - Sunday, Dec. 13 — vs. Packers

Week 15 - Saturday, Dec. 19/Sunday, Dec. 20 — at Titans

Week 16 - Saturday, Dec. 26/Sunday, Dec. 27 — vs. Buccaneers

Week 17 - Sunday, Jan. 3 — vs. Vikings

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Comments (4)
No. 1-4

The better question might be where would Bill Belichick be willing to overpay? If you want this defensive system to rock which position group demands a star in his prime, is really the most important?

Andria m
Andria m

I think they made improvements, just not ever “Superstar” types yet

The Karras Gamble
The Karras Gamble

Nobody ever made money off anything Pete Prisco wrote.


Definitely think some players on Lions are ready to emerge this season. Lions were snubbed from CBS Top-100 List