Poll: Do You Agree with the Lions' Decision to Cancel Practice?

Lions decided to cancel practice on Tuesday to focus on the social unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin.

It would appear that nobody could complain about the collective decision of the Detroit Lions' coaching staff and roster to put aside football for one day and reflect on societal woes. 

“What happened to Jacob Blake is not okay, and we’re going to speak on it,” safety Duron Harmon told reporters Tuesday.

“Coach (Matt Patricia) pulled everyone aside, and said, ‘What happened on Sunday was terrible, and shouldn’t have happened.’ He opened up the space for us just to talk, and that conversation went everywhere. People talking about experiences to people talking about just their feelings towards the tragic event that took place," Harmon added. 

Lions franchise passer Matthew Stafford also chimed in on the Blake shooting and the decision to cancel practice Tuesday. 

“Football is the last thing on our mind at this moment, to be honest with you,” Stafford said.

Detroit head man Matt Patricia and his team want to be a part of the change in America. 

"Those are real stories. I think when the guys pour their hearts out ... it's impactful, and we want to be a part of the solution," Patricia said Tuesday.

Yet in 2020, it would be negligent not to acknowledge the "Stick to Sports" crowd that regularly verbalizes its discomfort and disagrees with athletes making political statements.

Also, there is strong support of police officers who undoubtedly are put in the line of fire daily and oftentimes feel unsupported based on the recent public outcry. 

Some have voiced online that more time needs to be given prior to athletes speaking out, since there have been instances of police officers justifiably using force to protect themselves. 

Case in point, last month, Detroit police chief James Craig released a video just mere hours after a fatal police shooting, after the incident nearly caused a riot. 

Whatever side of the fence you sit on, societal issues have found their way into the daily conversation, including with professional athletes. 

The discussion is still being had regarding the long-term impact of athletes speaking out. But, regardless, it is not stopping anytime soon. 

Do you agree with the Lions' decision to cancel practice Tuesday?

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