Aaron Jones talks loss against Minnesota

Sports Xchange

Q: On the two short yardage rushes on third and fourth down…

A: It was good defense, those guys get paid too, they’re professionals. You win some, you lose some. Obviously I wish I could have those back because it could have changed the game.

Q: What is the mindset right now for this team? Does it feel like you guys were punched in the gut again?

A: Yes, it does, sitting on the sideline we kept asking ourselves why we are so unlucky. The fumble felt really unlucky as well.

Q: On struggling to get points on the board after 14 points on the first two drives…

A: We had a lot of injuries in this one for sure. It’s definitely going to hinder your play when you have the best left tackle in the league go down as well as your left guard. The other guys who stepped in did a great job tonight but it’s just hard to win when you sustain so many injuries.

Q: Do you think there is still hope on this team in the last five games?

A: Definitely, you can tell the guys in this locker room want it. We want it more than anyone else and we are right there each and every game, but it feels like it gets taken from us.

Q: On importance of two straight home games…

A: It’s very important; we feel like we can go out and win these games because we don’t lose much at Lambeau. It will definitely be a nice break to be there for two games.