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Coach McCarthy: “Aaron Rodgers was remarkable."

Coach McCarthy's postgame press conference.

(opening statement)

Good evening. Excellent, excellent football game tonight. Just cant tell you what a great atmosphere it was at Lambeau Field. Our fans were tremendous. It was great to have that element back. Thats what rivalry games look like. Obviously, we started off not very good. I thought our defense did a very good job adjusting after their initial drive. I felt Chicago threw a lot at us, deceptively, with their formations and variations in their concepts. Offense, we werent getting it done there, particularly in the normal down and distance. Way too many long distance situations. We had the injury to Aaron and had the two turnovers. And then had a chance to regroup at halftime and I cant say enough about our football team. I thought that the adversity that was overcome, goes toward a tremendous start because thats frankly thats all it is. Its one win. Its a big win because its a division game and its a home game. Great atmosphere tonight, hopefully we come out of this game healthy, and well get back in here tomorrow and get ready to move forward to the Vikings. With that, Ill take your questions.

(on QB Aaron Rodgers)

Aaron Rodgers was remarkable. I just cant tell you how proud I am of him and if you have to go through the halftime, frankly, walking out of the tunnel, I was prepared to go with Deshone (Kizer). It was something that was an evaluation with our medical staff just to make sure he was safe and ready to go. His performance just speaks for itself. Just a tremendous performance. Exclusively with the no-huddle there in the second half and the two-minute drive, it was just priceless. Its the best thing we do. Its the best thing he does. If you have the opportunity just to watch us compete during practice during training camp, its great work for our defense. But its a real strength of our football team and they came up big there at the end of the game. Great adversity win for us. Its a late night and were looking forward to getting back in here tomorrow to get ready for the Vikings.

(on when he knew Rodgers could come back into the game)

As I walked out of the tunnel.

(on his level of concern with Rodgers knee going forward)

Well, hes being evaluated so hopefully theres no further injury. Well know more tomorrow.

(on what he knows about Rodgers injury at this point)

I dont know any more than what I just talked about. He was able to play in the game. Hes being evaluated as we speak. Well know more tomorrow.

(on how his emotions fluctuate throughout the game)

Well, I think its important for coaches as a whole really, our job is to make sure the players are getting the information and the communication they need to be successful. Its draining, theres no doubt about it. But, frankly, youre just pushing from one thing to the next. Youre relieved, frankly. Its one of the better ones weve had here at home.

(on what adjustments he had to make at halftime)

I think, really, if you watch, we really didnt make any adjustments. We just played better. We had a plan going in. As far as what was going on inside, you know, as far as the help outside, they came out in what we called blitzing our tight end, every time, particularly Jimmy (Graham) was in the game, they were taking their ends or outside linebackers whatever you want to call them, and hitting our tight ends. Theres some things you adjust to as the flow goes on. I just thought our offensive line played tremendous in the second half.

(on if Rodgers injury helped him zone in)

Ill let him speak on that. But weve had this experience before. It reminded me a lot of the Dallas game, the playoff game, particularly with things that we did. We were on a very limited menu. The things that he was able to adjust and check at the line of scrimmage really put us in some clean plays.

(on his decision to challenge a play near the end of the game)

We were in a time management situation, obviously. You get down under the four-minute mark, we had the three timeouts at that point. Trying to utilize the timeouts the best you can, and in fact, with the help of the replay here at home it was a great asset there. We were going to call timeout anyways at that point because of exactly where we were. The challenge was a good challenge and we got the timeout back and obviously put plenty of time back on the clock. If I had known we were going to score so quickly, I wouldnt have challenged.

(on if he was concerned he would lose his timeout if he had lost the challenge)

No, its part of that timeout.

(on the Packers receivers gaining yards after the catch)

Well, thats been a staple for us over the years. Frankly, thats one of the things that jumped out over the 12-year study, was yards after the catch. Randall (Cobb)was tremendous. Davante (Adams) had some big wins. I thought our guys did a great job with that challenge. Just the way they were playing us, particularly on the outside. Some of the things we adjusted to, just to get the ball in their hands and let them get to work. It was a big part of our success in the second half.

(on what QB Deshone Kizer takes out of this game)

Well, its a learning experience. Frankly, I mean, you have to take care of the football. From day one, our turnover ratio in our history here speaks for itself. And were minus-two right now. Thats the one big negative to come out of this game.