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Coach McCarthy postgame vs Seahawks: "We didn't have enough to finish it."

Coach McCarthy's postgame press conference vs Seahawks

(Opening statement…)

“It was a hard fought game this evening. It’s a disappointing loss for us. We still have not quite gotten it done on the road. I thought the team did an excellent job of preparation on a short week and so forth coming up here early. We were ready to play. We hit the mark in definitely starting fast against a good football team. We had a number of negative plays go against us. The penalties on the big plays obviously didn’t help. It came down to us in the third quarter not being able to capitalize. They made some big plays in the fourth quarter. We didn’t have enough to finish it.”

(Did you give consideration on going for it on fourth and two at the 30…)

“Definitely but we had the injuries to Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels. So there was definitely consideration but we had just the one timeout and the ability to stop the clock with two minutes left. We played the numbers. We did consider taking a timeout and going for it on fourth and two.”

(What is the most disappointing thing about the way the game went…)

“I think it went the way we thought it would go playing in this environment. When you play in this kind of environment, particularly on the road up here, there is the tendency for big momentum plays and swings. That’s something we talked about during the course of the week. You have to make your share of big plays. I know we were a couple behind at the end of the first half. They made some more big plays than we did.”

(Was Aaron (Rodgers) holding the ball too much tonight…)

“As always I don’t like to correct players in the press conference. But it’s football. There was the noise factor. At times I thought they did a good job with the four man rush. They got some penetration. I thought they did a better job in the second half than the first half.”

(The out of bounds fourth quarter pass to Davante Adams did anybody in the booth bring up challenging that play that he got his toes in…)

“It was my understanding that he did not.”

(What did you like out of Kyler Fackrell tonight…)

“I think that Kyler has really come into his own this year. This was just another big night for him. Just the way he is flying around and his confidence level and his production speaks for itself. He is very comfortable in the new schemes. He is getting some excellent opportunities and he has cashed them in big.”

(Was the play to Robert Tonyan something you guys had worked on…)

“It was a four vertical. It’s kind of a base play. He was working in the middle of the field and came back to the boundary. Basically it was a scramble drill.”

(When you look at the standings, what kind of uphill road do you have…)

“I think it’s obvious. We have five losses and we have not won on the road yet. I won’t say there is a lot of football left but there is enough football left. That’s basically what I told the football team. You come out of these Thursday night games, you need to get healthy and get ready for the big one next week up in Minnesota. So everything is in front of us. We have to finish games better, especially in the fourth quarter, especially on the road.”

(Do you think Aaron is onboard with everything that is going on with the offense…)

“Absolutely, Aaron is very involved in the offense. Aaron has the opportunity and ability to be involved in all three aspects of it. He always has.”

(How do you think Aaron Jones played tonight…)

“I thought he had some good looks. When you play up here, you have to be able to run through arm tackles. That’s the way they play there long-levered defensive front. We had some opportunities where I thought he did a good job. But we did not get him into the second level enough. It’s just like anything, I have to coach better and we have to play better.”

(Did you get a good look on the third down reversal for Seattle…)

“I thought I had a good look at it in the stadium. That’s the only look I had. I didn’t like the call. I didn’t agree with the call.”

(How did Jimmy Graham hurt his thumb…)

“I couldn’t tell you what play it was. I just know they had a look at him at halftime.”