Coach McCarthy: "We need to be better."

Sports Xchange

Q: Mike, can you just talk about how the momentum shifted so much on the fumble there on the first play of the fourth quarter?

MM: Well, it was obviously a big play in the game. Really that was a turning point. They made the key plays at the end there and we obviously didn’t in the fourth quarter, so we need to be better.

Q: Coach, you seem to lose a defensive starter on just about every single drive. Can you talk about the challenges it presents up against an offense like this, losing so many starters.

MM: Well, I thought our guys did a good job, you know, the communication. It’s a challenge, but you know, it’s the NFL. You know, they had some guys down, too, on their inactive list. But I thought some of our young players did a lot of good things, but we weren’t as clean as we needed to be in the fourth quarter.

Q: The goal line stand, Mike, can you just talk about what that did for your team?

MM: It was excellent, it was good football there. I mean, you got the reversable on the touchdown. Josh [Jones] transmitted a heck of a play there and I thought the moving parts of the personnel. So that was a great stand for us to keep them out of the end zone.

Q: The last touchdown on that long pass, what did you see there in the defense?

MM: Well, I mean, it was a tempo play and we weren’t set. Tom [Brady] hit the hole and, you know, we missed the tackle.


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