McCarthy: ‘That was a very hard fought loss’

Sports Xchange

Opening remarks:

Well that was a very hard-fought loss. I though our football team played through a bunch of challenges. I give credit to Minnesota, I thought they played well tonight. I thought the defense hung in there and gave us a chance. We had multiple guys going in and out of the game. I was pleased with a number of things they did. Offensively, same deal, we had a number of guys going in and out of the game. Fighting through those adjustments was obviously a challenge. They were exceptional up front tonight. In the third down, we clearly did not have the production there that we needed. On special teams, we had all the young guys play and had some things we will definitely learn from. We clearly understand where we are in the season and understand the importance of this game with it being November and so forth. Moving forward we are focused on the next five. It’s exactly the facts, we know we have to win all five. But at the end of the day, you have to win one at a time. We are a beat-up football team, we’ll put some time and effort into doing the best we can between now and Wednesday and then we will be ready to go when we face Arizona in seven days from now.

Q: On the protection issues…

A: I don’t want to sit up here and make excuses, but I though their front played well. I thought it was a difference in the second half. We thought we had some match-ups outside that we wanted to get after, and we had some production there. Then they went to a two-shell game pretty much entirely the second half and we weren’t able to take advantage of it.

Q: On why the team has struggled so much in the second half on the road…

A: This is part of playing on the road. These are loud stadiums and their defensive line is a strength of their football team in my opinion. We just didn’t meet the challenge.

Q: On his approach with the team…

A: Well it’s a hypothetical, we know that either way. Whatever way you want to write your story, I just stay true to the facts. We need to win all five games to potentially have a chance. Like I said, I felt like there were some areas of improvement and optimistic would carry into this game. We knew we were going to be thin in some spots and we knew that the big match up today was going to be the O-Line versus the D-Line. We are where we are. We will take these next few days and be ready to go Wednesday to get after Arizona.

Q: On getting more production from other guys on offense…

A: I think it’s just like anything, you want to get everybody involved, that’s ideal. But the flow of the game, the match ups and the scheme, all those things factor into it. Our third down has been out black eye and we need to improve the third down. Offensively, if you look at our analytics, in the last five weeks, we were actually on an up-swing in a number of components that we feel are very importantly to being successful. But third down has been a constant for us.

Q: On how he is where he is…

A: This is where we are. We have six losses and one tie. We need to get home and beat the Arizona Cardinals. That is the facts that matter, that is the job at hand and that is what is in front of us. I understand why I’m standing here and I understand why you are asking questions, that is a part of the deal. We are about winning football games. We didn’t do enough, I didn’t do enough. I need to coach better. I’m proud of how the guys battled. We didn’t have enough tonight. They had more than we had.


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