Bill Huber

PREDICTION On a short week and with a bunch of puppies (one of which didn't make it), kids and flag football, I ran out of time to do the video. So, my guess on tonight ... Key on offense: Rodgers and Adams. Philly's pass defense stinks. Its pass rush, which was arguably the best in the NFL last season, hasn't been productive. It's corners are OK but Ronald Darby is out. Rodgers said it's time for the offense to get going and Adams needs to get the ball. So, that better get accomplished or there are serious questions on whether that will happen at all. Key on defense: Got to stop the run. GB's run D hasn't been good; Philly's run O hasn't been good, either. But the Eagles have a good line and a nice stable of backs. If they can't stop the run, Wentz is good enough to light them up. Prediction: I'm big on taking the hungry team. That has me leaning toward Philly. This will be up to Rodgers to win. Until Rodgers and Co. get rolling, I'm not going to predict it to happen - especially against a talented team looking at an early grave. Eagles 27, Packers 20