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QB Aaron Rodgers: ‘Disappointed we couldn’t get one last drive’

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers spoke with the media following the Packers’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams.

(On how disappointing it was not to get the ball on the final drive)

“Yeah, very disappointing. That play didn’t lose the game but it definitely took away an opportunity for us to go down and win it.”

(On what helped the offense in the first half)

“Yeah, we just moved (WR) Davante (Adams) around a little bit. Then, obviously, we were looking for a matchup for (WR) Marquez (Valdes-Scantling) outside, so just moving Davante around a little bit, getting him into space. Then, obviously, (RB) Aaron (Jones) had a nice day running the ball. We got a good situation, really playing some of matched coverage and got him loose in the seam.”

(On if he and WR Aaron Jones saw an opening in the Rams defense during the game)

“We talked about it on the sideline. There was a picture we’d looked at and looked like he had gotten on top - and I asked him - you know - I said, ‘What do you want? Do you want another go-route or you want to stop-right?’ He said, ‘No, I want another go-route.’ I said, ‘Ok.’ So I came back to him, they beat him inside, re-stacked, and it was a nice play.”

(On the atmosphere at the Coliseum today)

“Yeah, it sounded like a home game at times for us - the crowd was fantastic. I don’t really expect that maybe in LA - but I know they had five LA teams playing today, so I was glad the Packer fans showed up. They were fantastic, great energy - just disappointed we couldn’t get one last drive.”

(On the hand-offs and drop-backs in the first half compared to the second half)

“I mean that’s on - that was (Head Coach) Mike (McCarthy) calling plays - obviously you know, I call them in the two-minute - but we decided to open things up a little bit in the second half and it was working. We went through some one-by-three stuff, and moved Davante (Adams) around, and then got (Aaron) Jones some opportunities on favorable down and distance.”

(On if he feels like the game moves slower when RB Aaron Jones is not playing)

“I mean look - that’s not - my responsibility is to play quarterback. I’m not handling substitution personnel. When he’s in there, he can be dynamic. The other two guys have had moments as well. So, I’m not thinking about who’s in at running back, I’m just making sure that guy knows what he’s doing.”

(On if a close loss is galvanizing)

“I mean, the urgency has to pick up. So maybe that does that but there’s no momentum game from a loss, in my opinion. We can play with anybody but we knew that before this game. It wasn’t like there was some revelation like, ‘Oh ok, yea, we can play with the Rams.’ No, we can play with anybody. But I’m disappointed because our defense really played well. and we were just really slow going in the first half. I couldn’t get a lot of things going. By the time we got back up ahead, you know, we just had one job to finish the game off and didn’t come up with it.”

(On the challenge of starting inside the 5-yard line against the Rams twice in two different series)

“Yeah its tough. It was two good punts by (P) Johnny (Hekker). The first time we got out of there and we had a first down and changed focus a little bit. But the second time, obviously, we gave them a couple points. The way our defense was playing, that was obviously a momentum swing that we didn’t want. Backed up those could be the back breaking drives for a game if you can get your first downs together, change field possession, and get on their side of the field. But we couldn’t get it started”

(On how concerned he is where the Packers record is and if he thinks they are better than their record)

“We’re eight weeks in. We got nine to go. We’re in a tough stretch right now playing a bunch of division winners and we got to find a way to win a game on the road. We’re 0-3 on the road, we’re 3-0-1 at home. We know we’re tough to beat at home, know we know that we can play with anybody, if we didn’t know that already. So we got to go to New England and beat a really good football team.”

(On how he feels how they handled DT Aaron Donald and does he feel they blocked him)

“He had 4.0 sacks last week, so there was a reduction in that area. I’m proud of my guys. My line, I can’t say enough great things about them. They came together (RG) Byron (Bell) has been a galvanizing force for us a guard. His attitude, his approach he’s been fantastic. Obviously, I think we have the best left tackle in the league. The guys, we’ve fought through some stuff and we have made it work at times and I’m really proud of the way the guys played.”

(On what his thoughts are on the Rams as the only unbeaten team left)

“I think they are really good. I think we are pretty good too.”