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Week 10 Composite NFL Power Rankings: Cardinals Back at No. 1

The Green Bay Packers have fallen out of the top spot in our rankings, a combination of our thoughts and the rankings from seven national media outlets.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Arizona Cardinals won without star quarterback Kyler Murray. The Green Bay Packers lost without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

With that, the Cardinals are back atop Packer Central’s Composite NFL Power Rankings.

The Composite NFL Power Rankings are a combination of Packer Central’s power rankings and the rankings of seven national media entities.

Four of last week’s top five teams lost. That includes the Packers, who were No. 1 but lost at unranked Kansas City, and the Los Angeles Rams, who were No. 2 but clobbered at home by the Tennessee Titans. The new top five are the Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Titans, Packers and Rams.

“The Packers are built for a championship run assuming Aaron Rodgers returns from his stint on the COVID-19 list and maintains his championship-caliber play,” the team at Sports Illustrated wrote. “The complaint of the Packers’ offense so far this year is that it has not looked beautiful, despite the fact that it doesn’t need to. The hallmark of their offense is efficiency, and there aren’t many more efficient offenses in the NFL right now.”

The Packers will host the Seattle Seahawks this week. Seattle is tied for 19th at

“Russell Wilson’s return is the great equalizer in the NFC West,” the SI team said. “Could the perennial MVP candidate lead another improbable comeback? Seattle’s first games upon his return will tell the story. If the Seahawks manage to beat Green Bay in Aaron Rodgers’ return, their pre-Thanksgiving showdown with the Cardinals the following week will be one of the most fascinating and consequential Seahawks regular-season games in recent memory. Their behavior on the free-agent market over the coming days will also be telling, especially with Odell Beckham Jr. on the market.”

There isn’t a single battle between top-10 teams this week.

Packer Central: 1, Arizona; 2, Tampa Bay; 3, Green Bay; 4, Tennessee; 5, Baltimore; 6, L.A. Rams; 7, Dallas; 8, Buffalo; 9, L.A. Chargers; 10, Cleveland.



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Cavalry Returns But Gets Few Shots in Playoff Loss

Other than Za’Darius Smith’s opening sack, the returning stars were involved in only one noteworthy play – and it was a killer one. 1, Tampa Bay; 2, Green Bay; 3, L.A. Rams; 4, Arizona; 5, Tennessee; 6, Baltimore; 7, Buffalo; 8, Cleveland; 9, Dallas; 10, Kansas City. 1, Arizona; 2, Tennessee; 3, Green Bay; 4, L.A. Rams; 5, Tampa Bay; 6, Baltimore; 7, Dallas; 8, Buffalo; 9, L.A. Chargers; 10, Cleveland.

The Associated Press: 1, Arizona; 2, Tennessee; 3, Tampa Bay; 4, L.A. Rams; 5, Green Bay; 6, Baltimore; 7, Buffalo; 7, Dallas; 9, L.A. Chargers; 10, Pittsburgh.

CBS Sports: 1, Arizona; 2, Green Bay; 3, Tennessee; 4, Tampa Bay; 5, Baltimore; 6, Buffalo; 7, L.A. Rams; 8, Dallas; 9, L.A. Chargers; 10, New Orleans.

Pro Football Talk: 1, Arizona; 2, Tampa Bay; 3, Tennessee; 4, L.A. Rams; 5, Green Bay; 6, Dallas; 7, Baltimore; 8, Buffalo; 9, New Orleans; 10, New England.

The 33rd Team: 1, Arizona; 2, Tampa Bay; 3, Tennessee; 4, Green Bay; 5, Dallas; 6, Buffalo; 7, L.A. Rams; 8, Baltimore; 9, New England; 10, L.A. Chargers.

Week 10 Composite NFL Power Rankings: 1, Arizona (10); 2, Tampa Bay (19); 3, Tennessee (22); 4, Green Bay (24); 5, L.A. Rams (35); 6, Baltimore (43); 7, Dallas (49); 8, Buffalo (50); 9, L.A. Chargers (69); 10, New England (77).

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Week 9 Composite NFL Power Rankings: 1, Green Bay (12); 2, L.A. Rams (23); 3, Arizona (28); 4, Buffalo (32); 5, Dallas (34); 6, Tampa Bay (44); 7, Tennessee (59); 8, New Orleans (66); 9, Baltimore (68); 10, Las Vegas (77).