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Highlights From Day 2 of Packers-Saints Joint Practices

A fight and plenty of rookie dominance highlighted the second and final day of joint practices between the Packers and Saints.
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GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur and his counterpart, New Orleans Saints coach Dennis Allen, agreed to bypass any one-on-one drills in hopes of keeping tempers and testosterone in check for the second and final day of joint practices.

So much for that. On the fourth play of practice on Wednesday, Saints receiver Jarvis Landry went after Packers cornerback Eric Stokes to start a fight. It wasn’t a big brawl, but the Saints sent Landry back to the locker room for the rest of the day.

“We knew it was going to be like that, to where we pretty much dominated yesterday and we knew they’d come out with a little more aggression today,” Stokes said.

“I could tell from the wide receivers, it looked like they came out more aggressive and more dominant but [Landry], it just seemed he came out and he’s looking just to hit. He didn’t care about catching. He didn’t care about nothing. He was just looking to try to hit us. We just had to (react to) that from the start.”

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Once Landry left, tempers cooled. The action was intense and physical but there were no major altercations beyond a little pushing and shoving.

“Not surprised at all,” Stokes said. “It’s football. Hey, I’m not fixing to let you continue to try to bully me and all that stuff. Naw. We’ve got on pads for a reason. As long as we’re good in between the whistles, everything will go smooth.”

Between the whistles, it was a big two days for Green Bay’s defense, which had beaten up on Aaron Rodgers and Co. through most of training camp and mostly did the same to the Saints the past two days.

“Our defense,” Stokes said when asked who won, Saints or Packers. “Come on, now. Hey, I’m going to stand on business. I feel like defense, we’ve already got that competitive nature to where we don’t let up anything. We came out yesterday a little slow but picked it up and showed everything. And today we just came out at go. We already knew what was up.”