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Packers 2022 Schedule: NFL Has Them Singing Bye-Week Blues

The NFL's schedule-makers did the Green Bay Packers no favors in placing their bye weeks.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – It’s not who you play but when you play them.

From that perspective, the Green Bay Packers’ challenging schedule looks even more challenging.

Tom Bliss, a data scientist for the NFL, examined each team’s rest advantage. What’s that? If Team A plays on Sunday and Team B plays on Sunday, when Team A plays Team B the following week, there is no advantage. If Team A plays on Monday and Team B plays on Sunday, then Team A is at a one-day rest disadvantage.

According to Bliss, the Packers will face the most significant rest disadvantage in the league.

For bye weeks, the Packers got the short end of the stick twice in a span of three weeks for marquee games. The Buffalo Bills’ Week 7 bye will give them an advantage for their Week 8 home game against the Packers. And the Dallas Cowboys’ Week 9 bye will give them an advantage for their Week 10 game at Lambeau Field.

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The Packers will receive almost no advantage from their bye. They’ll be off for Week 14 before hosting the Los Angeles Rams on Monday night in Week 15. However, the Rams will be coming off a Thursday night game. So, Green Bay will have 14 days between games while the Rams will have 10.

By playing the Tennessee Titans on a Thursday in Week 11, the Packers will get a few extra days to get ready for their Week 12 game at the Philadelphia Eagles.

On the flip side, the Washington Commanders will have that same advantage for their Week 7 home game against Green Bay.

There are two smaller scheduling quirks that will work against Green Bay. After playing the Rams on Monday night in Week 15, they’ll be at one-day disadvantage for their Week 16 game at the Miami Dolphins. Packers-Dolphins is part of a Christmas Sunday tripleheader. The following week, the Packers will host the Minnesota Vikings, who will play on Christmas Eve Saturday.

The five teams with the greatest rest advantages are the Lions, Panthers, Cowboys, Bills and Dolphins. Detroit, Dallas, Buffalo and Miami are on Green Bay’s schedule.