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Packers Back in Top 10 in Composite NFL Power Rankings

There are two big NFL showdowns in Week 3, including the Green Bay Packers at the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Pack is back.

At least in the Top 10 of our Composite NFL Power Rankings.

On the heels of their victory over the Detroit Lions on Monday night, the Green Bay Packers rank 10th in the Composite, which includes the power rankings of Packer Central, Sports Illustrated, The Associated Press, ESPN, and CBS. The Packers cracked the top 10 in three of the six rankings; Packer Central has them at No. 11.

“Alright, so the Packers are still the Packers. Right?” wrote the team at, which had the Packers at No. 8. “At least they are capable of cruising against the Lions. Week 1 was a surprising egg, but it’s possible that bumping them from where most people had Green Bay in the preseason down to here is possibly an overreaction, given where this team may end by the end of the season. But there are enough other good teams in the league right now that I’d like to see this bumpy season smooth out a little more before I put them back in the top five.”

The defending Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, are the unanimous No. 1, followed by the Los Angeles Rams. Those teams will meet on Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles.

In the other big game in Week 3, the San Francisco 49ers will host the Packers on Sunday night. San Francisco is No. 4 in the Composite.

Here are the rankings.

Packer Central: 1, Tampa Bay; 2, L.A. Rams; 3, San Francisco; 4, Kansas City; 5, Las Vegas; 6, Baltimore; 7, Carolina; 8, Arizona; 9, Cleveland; 10, Buffalo. (Green Bay, 11th.)



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Sports Illustrated: 1, Tampa Bay; 2, L.A. Rams; 3, Kansas City; 4, Buffalo; 5, Baltimore; 6, Cleveland; 7, San Francisco; 8, Green Bay; 9, Seattle; 10, Las Vegas.

Associated Press: 1, Tampa Bay; 2, L.A. Rams; 3, Kansas City; 4, Arizona; 5, Las Vegas; 6, Baltimore; 7, Buffalo; 8, San Francisco; 9, Cleveland; 10, Carolina. (Green Bay, 15th.) 1, Tampa Bay; 2, Kansas City; 3, Baltimore; 4. L.A. Rams; 5, Buffalo; 6, Green Bay; 7, San Francisco; 8, Cleveland; 9, Seattle; 10, Arizona. 1, Tampa Bay; 2, L.A. Rams; 3, Kansas City; 4, San Francisco; 5, Buffalo; 6, Seattle; 7, Arizona; 8, Cleveland; 9, Baltimore; 10, Las Vegas. (Green Bay, 11th.)

CBS Sports: 1, Tampa Bay; 2, San Francisco; 3, L.A. Rams; 4, Arizona; 5, Kansas City; 6, Buffalo; 7, Green Bay; 8, Las Vegas; 9, Baltimore; 10, Cleveland.

Composite: 1, Tampa Bay (6); 2, L.A. Rams (15); 3, Kansas City (20); 4, San Francisco (31); 5, Buffalo (37); 6, Baltimore (38); 7, Arizona (44); 8, Las Vegas (49); 9, Cleveland (50); 10, Green Bay (58).

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Last week’s Composite: 1. Tampa Bay (8); 2, Kansas City (12); 3, L.A. Rams (20); 4, Seattle (34); 5, San Francisco (37); 6, Buffalo (43); 7, New Orleans (46); 7, Pittsburgh (46); 9, Cleveland (48); 10, Baltimore (66); 11, Arizona (67); 12, Green Bay (68).