Packers Overtime Podcast: Now What?

Bill Huber

After getting blasted by the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, where do the Green Bay Packers turn? Will there be a lingering hangover after being dominated by a top NFC rival? And what's next on offense after another miserable performance? Get the answers from Bill Huber and coach Matt LaFleur.

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A great idea to slow down the sky is falling with pointing out that Alexander still tries and gets a lot done.

I see no chance the packers let SNF impact them next week. And lucky it is the truly miserable giants. Lose or close then that is a problem that will linger.

Just in GB history the idea of a beat down in the regular season meaning anything for a playoff game is just disproven (to put it nicely) although in this context the giants do come to mind

Get to Mike P and get some real answers. It is BS to claim it is just simple adjustments when it is a weekly issues


Other than the FACT you have consistently over rated adams for years the offense falling apart since he has come back is obvious. you questioned MLF about it. Bad play calling, bad scheme and forcing the ball. It is coaching.

and on defense. it is coaching. Make them answer the questions. Highlight it. This is nearly Matt Nagy level of listening to the play caller whine about bad play calls