Packers Take QB in Jeremiah’s Mock

Bill Huber

GREEN BAY, Wis. – For more than a decade, Aaron Rodgers has made the Green Bay Packers a perennial championship contender. One slightly underrated factor in that is his premium on taking care of the football.

Rodgers is legendary for his ability to make game-winning plays while avoiding game-losing plays. His career touchdown-to-interception ratio of 4.33 touchdowns for every interception is No. 1 in NFL history by a wide margin. Seattle’s Russell Wilson is a distant second with a 3.34-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. For context, Rodgers could start the season with 25 consecutive interceptions and still hold a slight advantage over Wilson. Tampa Bay’s Tom Brady (3.02) is the only other quarterback in NFL history with a career mark of greater than three touchdowns for every interception.

At age 36, Rodgers is on the back nine of his career. That means, at some point, the Packers must consider drafting his successor.’s Daniel Jeremiah did just that in his latest mock draft by choosing Utah State’s Jordan Love.

Why the long preamble about interceptions? That’s because Love threw 20 touchdowns vs. 17 interceptions in 2019 – a huge step in the wrong direction after throwing 32 touchdowns vs. only six interceptions in 2018. 

That creates this juxtaposition: Rodgers owns the lowest interception percentage in NFL history. Love led the nation in interceptions.

“(It’s) 17 learning moments,” Love said. “Things I learned from – you’ve got to go back and break it down and see why I made those mistakes. Some I have to learn from, and I can’t keep letting it happen, and that’s what I tell teams right there. They play the game, so they know. You’ve got to learn from your mistakes.”

What team decision-makers such as Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst must decide is which player is the real Love, and whether his penchant for forcing footballs where they shouldn't be forced can be coached out of him.