Rodgers Enjoyed Trolling, Impressed in ‘Jeopardy!’ Debut

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers fit comfortably in the big shoes of the late Alex Trebek in his "Jeopardy!" debut.
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As predicted by none other than Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers himself, the MVP’s two-week run as host of Jeopardy! was highlighted by an unforgettable moment in the Final Jeopardy round.

When the defending champion had no idea what the answer was, he wrote “Who wanted to kick that field goal?”

It was an epic trolling of Packers coach Matt LaFleur’s decision late in the NFC Championship Game – not of Rodgers, as was written by CNN and other outlets. It was one that Rodgers, miffed about LaFleur’s decision at the time, clearly enjoyed.

“You will always be all time in my book, my friend,” Rodgers said off-air.

At, Mitch Goldich gave Rodgers a positive review. Here’s a bit of what Goldich wrote. CLICK HERE for the entire piece.

He leaned right into the role with his inflection reading “Fortune favors the bald” as he unveiled the clues in the Jeopardy! round, and offered up his Larry David impersonation when the $600 clue called for it. He did a brief pirate impression. Essentially, he hammed it up when warranted.

He mostly stuck to the script, but did offer himself a few chances to ad-lib—a skill that can separate someone who is simply reading the clues from someone who is truly hosting the show. In Katie Couric’s first episode, she delighted in seeing that the contestant with whom she’d bantered about scuba diving was the one to correctly identify a cake urchin. One of Rodgers’s finer moments came when none of the contestants could correctly name the sackbut as a primitive version of the trombone and Rodgers deadpanned: “I’ve never heard of it either.”

But Rodgers, whose TV credentials also include a triumph on The $100,000 Pyramid, a cameo on the penultimate episode of The Office, a nonspeaking part in Game of Thrones and countless commercial breaks every NFL Sunday, blended into the familiar rhythms of the show.

The game ended with a question about Emmy lifetime achievement winner Fred Rogers, which the winner answered with just “Mr. Rogers”—either a cheeky nod to the host or a wild coincidence, and likely the former. But no, Aaron Rodgers (spelled slightly different) has not won an Emmy. At least not yet.

That moment, as most people reading this probably already know, was overshadowed on social media by the returning champ Scott Shewfelt taking a not-subtle-at-all jab at Packers coach Matt LaFleur’s decision-making in January’s NFC championship game—and Rodgers smoothly playing along.

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