Rodgers on changing helmets: ‘It’s not difficult at all’

Bill Huber

Like Oakland Raiders receiver Antonio Brown, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers needs to wear a different helmet. Unlike Brown, Rodgers isn’t making a stink about it.

“It’s not difficult at all,” Rodgers said on Tuesday of giving up the helmet he had worn for most of a decade. “I’ve worn very similar helmets my entire career. I changed after ’10, when I had two concussion, to a safer one. I was wearing the one like Favrey (Brett Favre) was wearing for so long. That was a little outdated, probably, and then I think around that time when the CBA got signed, they had some better regulations about the safety quality of the helmets, and I’ve just kind of been up to date for years. Last year, my helmet – because there’s been such advancements in helmet safety – my helmet was in the not-as-safe category but anybody wearing that got one more year to find a new helmet. I knew coming in I was going to have to change.”

Rodgers said he’s choosing between two models, one made by Vicis and another by Schutt. Rodgers has a financial stake in Vicis.

“I’ve invested some money in Vicis because I believe in the product,” Rodgers said. “They’re obviously they last two years have the safest helmet on the market. I purchased a number of them for high schools in northern California – all three in my area: Chico High School, our rival, Pleasant Valley High School, where I went, and Paradise High School, as well, so those kids can have the safety product out there.”

On Monday, an arbitrator ruled against Brown in his helmet grievance against the NFL. Brown had threatened to retire if the league would not allow him to wear his Schutt Air Advantage, which the NFL banned following last season because it did not meet National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment standards.

In the video above, Rodgers didn’t think Brown would have any problem finding a helmet to his liking.

“The way they make the helmets these days, they do a great job molding it to your head,” Rodgers said. “The fit is spectacular. I can go from this helmet to a Vicis helmet to a different helmet and, as far as the fit is concerned, you don’t really notice a different at all. It fits really nicely.”