Kyle Allen: "It felt incredible"

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Quarterback Kyle Allen addresses media after Panthers' 33-14 victory over the Saints in the season finale.

(On his first NFL start) “First start was incredible man. I said this last week when I went in the game, I just felt at home right when I got on the field. Coming up to this game, there were little nerves here and there throughout the week, but once I got on the field I felt back at home. Just taking it play by play, executing and having a plan every single play and just trying to focus on the now. I think we did a good job of that today.”

(On getting this opportunity to start) “It felt incredible, it’s the preparation and opportunity. We had a team meeting last night and we spoke a lot about opportunity and I think this league’s filled with opportunities and the guys that stay in the league for a long time are the guys who take advantage of those opportunities. Obviously, there are a lot of things to clean up throughout this, but I said this in my Wednesday press conference, we just wanted to come out of here with a win. For all those guys who have struggled this whole season, for guys like Ryan (Kalil), for guys like Pep (Julius Peppers). Just send them out in a good way and to be up however many that was at one point, 23-0, 30-0, it was just awesome.”

(On his confidence) “It’s just been built up for a long time. I’ve been around a lot of great quarterbacks, I’ve watched the quarterbacks in this league and I knew I can have success in this league. I think it’s self-confidence, I think it’s other people believing in me and giving me that confidence. I just think that at the quarterback position, if you do not have confidence, you do not have anything.”


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