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Behind Enemy Lines: Insider Analysis on the New York Giants

SI Giants publisher Patricia Traina gives us a closer look the Giants.

Each and every single week, we will take a full dive into the Panthers' opponent by getting insight from many talented beat writers and publishers around the Sports Illustrated network. This week, we bring on Patricia Traina of Giants Country to help us break down the New York Giants. Enjoy!


I’m not sure this Giants team has a lot of strengths to talk about. I would say the deep ball is a strength, but with Kenny Golladay and Kadarius Toney unlikely to play—and who knows if they’re going to have Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton this week—that deep ball strength goes out the window.

Weaknesses? Where do I start? They can’t stop the run, they lead the league in dropped interceptions (six), their pass coverage is awful, their offensive line inconsistent, some of the coaching decisions are mind-blowing…I mean other than that, what’s not to love about this Giants team? LOL!

2. Keys for the Giants

On offense, I think you’re going to see a lot of max protect this week, especially as the Giants prepare to trot out yet another offensive line combination. But I’d also like to see the Giants get their tight ends more involved with the offense this week to set up some play-action personnel. I still don’t understand why the team invested the kind of money they did in Kyle Rudolph, yet they barely give him any snaps let alone any pass targets (only two pass targets, I believe, in the red zone, which is shocking).

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Defensively, they have to stop the run. Matt Rhule came out and handed defensive coordinator Patrick Graham his game plan when he said they are going to look to run the ball this weekend. So I hoped the Giants defense worked on run angles and wrapping up the ball carrier because right now, their run defense has been absolutely atrocious.

Score prediction

I wish I could say I feel good about a Giants win because I do think this is a winnable game for them. But those issues on offense with the injuries and yet another configuration have me concerned. I don’t think this is going to be a blowout, but in the end, I think the Panthers will edge out the Giants 27-24.

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