ESPN's Louis Riddick, Dan Orlovsky "Love" the Panthers Trading for Sam Darnold

Good coaching could be what takes Darnold's game to the next level.
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Sam Darnold may not have lived up to the expectations the front office of the New York Jets had for him but that doesn't mean he still can't turn out to be a good starting quarterback in the league. Sometimes the player has all the tools needed to be successful but is hindered by bad coaching and a lack of weapons surrounding him - that's exactly what happened to Darnold in New York. Now, Darnold will work with a great developer of talent in Matt Rhule and a bright offensive mind in Joe Brady. Not to mention, the plethora of talent that surrounds him.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky and Louis Riddick both shared their thoughts on the trade on Twitter in what they believe to be a good move for both Darnold and the Panthers.

Dan Orlovsky:

"First of all, I love it because Matt Rhule is a fan of Sam Darnold - it was one of the reasons why he wanted that Jets job was because he likes Sam Darnold as a player. Number two, I love it because general manager Scott Fitterer obviously is a fan of Sam Darnold. Then sitting at eight, if they wanted one of those quarterbacks coming out this year they would have been able to get him. They would have been able to move up to go get him. The fact that they gave up those three picks to the Jets tells you how much not only the coach likes the player but also how much the organization is on board with the player as well. This will be the first time Sam Darnold has ever been coached in the NFL and now he gets to go to a place that has a very young, innovative, and creative offensive mind in Joe Brady. So, he's going to a place that's got a great play-caller, he's going to a place that for the first time he's absolutely and actually gets coached in the NFL, they've got two players in Robby Anderson and DJ Moore that are fantastic, he gets paired with a back that we all know is dynamic in Christian McCaffrey and those three guys are better than any three guys that he's had so far. It's the best coaching, it's the best situation, it's the best organization, and it's the best opportunity for Sam Darnold. I absolutely love this."

Louis Riddick:

The jury is still out on whether or not Darnold can lead a team to the playoffs but by heading to Carolina, he is in the best situation possible and it's hard to disagree with any of what Riddick and Orlovsky had to say.

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