WATCH: Meet New Panthers DL Daviyon Nixon

Iowa defensive lineman Daviyon Nixon meets with the media to talk about being drafted by the Panthers.
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RE: If he knew the Panthers were interested in selecting him

It came as a total shock, honestly. I didn't know where I was going or who was going to pick me. It was definitely a total shock.

RE: His playing style 

Personally, I feel like you guys are getting the best d-tackle in the draft. Someone who has fought his way through a lot of different trials and tribulations to get to this moment right here. It’s still so surreal for me right now so I am trying to get all my words together. I am going to be a great leader to the team. Someone who comes and does everything I need to do for the coaches and my teammates that way we can win us a championship and things like that. They are just getting someone who is determined. Someone who loves the game of football. Very passionate and who is ready to rock and roll in Carolina.

RE: Why he wasn’t selected earlier in the draft 

Honestly, I’m not too sure what may have brought my stock down with all this stuff going on. You know there are so many things that go into it. I’m not really too sure what it was, but I am just happy where I am at right now and ready to play.

RE: Waiting to be selected 

We kind of knew from the get-go that it was going to be Saturday that we were going to get picked. We were just hoping for the best, keeping the highest hopes that we can for the first two days. Waiting it out, it was kind of a long wait. Just hoping and praying that someone would’ve picked me earlier, but I am excited for where I am at and where I got picked.

RE: What makes you successful as a pass rusher? 

I play defensive football so I am a defensive player, so I believe the my defensive moves and my counter moves, my reaction helps me very well when I am doing pass rush and things like that. My second move is probably better than my first move sometimes and it just gets the job done. I feel like I am really good with moves and reactions from the offensive line and whatever the offensive line is giving me.

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