Will Teddy Bridgewater Have More Success in Carolina than Cam Newton?

Schuyler Callihan

Who would have thought that one day Cam Newton would no longer be a member of the  Carolina Panthers, yet still be in the league?

That has now become reality as Newton was released into free agency shortly after the team agreed to a deal to sign free agent quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. 

Newton had a great deal of success throughout his nine years with the franchise including winning Rookie of the Year, a Super Bowl appearance, and won the league’s MVP in 2015. In addition to all of those great accomplishments, he completely changed how people viewed the Panthers. 

One thing that hindered Cam from having further success with the Panthers was the limited amount of offensive weapons he had during his time in Charlotte. Now, the Panthers offense seems to be more equipped than ever with the addition of Robby Anderson, which adds to the dynamic skill sets of Christian McCaffrey and D.J. Moore. 

So, is it possible that Bridgewater has more success in Carolina than Cam Newton? Yes, absolutely. In fact, that should be the expectation with the firepower the team now has on offense.

Will Bridgewater ever become the league’s MVP or be one of the game’s top three quarterbacks? Probably not, but his supporting cast is what will be the difference. 

Earlier this week, ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio told WFNZ Radio that he believes head coach Matt Rhule will win a Super Bowl with the Panthers in the next five years. 

It may take a couple of years before the Panthers get the right personnel in place, but once they do, expect Carolina to make some serious noise in the NFC and for Bridgewater to have a tremendous amount of success. 

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I doubt they win a super bowl within 5 years. Newton > Bridgewater. No knock on Bridgwater, but he is still unproven IMO. If he was that great and healed from that nasty injury, then why did the Vikings let him go? Why did the Jets let him go? Why did the Saints let him go? You put any QB in the position that Newton was in the past 4 years and no QB is going to have a good time. Carolina refused to invest in positions of need and as a results, wreaked havoc on Newton's body. The team completely 110% handled Newton incorrectly for 90% of his time in Carolina. 'Ohh we don't need LT help, Newton can run away from pressure...' Yeah, and that caused refs to NOT call roughing the passer on him because he was viewed as a runner, simply because he had the ability to run. Hit after hit after hit added up and fans became livid as the idiots running the team continued to refuse to help Newton out. QB situation aside, Carolina has way too many holes on BOTH sides of the ball to be considered Super Bowl bound. This new team may start to mesh in about 2 or so years, but then all their contracts are up and Bridgewater will be in the same boat that Newton is currently in. (Bridgewater played 16 games ONE season out of five... He sounds like a great guy, but he also seems to be injury prone) Regardless, FN FIRE MARTY HURNEY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!


Can’t really say nor compare apples to oranges.1) we have an offense minded coach and bringing a new system similar to New Orleans which could have reduced the amount of pressure on the line which is horrible and the qb.2) finally spent money not on the line😒... however on skill players who actually have skill giving them multiple threat options to count for which we haven’t in a long while with developing the ones who we have that are young but successful.3) mentality changes In the locker room and staff.from defense our calling card winning our games but to Points on the board if we don’t draft heavy on the line n defense they have partially failed us a fans.

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