Christian McCaffrey needs some help, and the Carolina Panthers' 30-27 loss in Week 1 against the Los Angeles Rams emphasized that.

The third-year back is arguably the best at his position in the NFL, but it hasn't helped put up numbers in the win columns. He was the go-to guy for Carolina last season after putting up nearly 2,000 yards from scrimmage, but the team went 7-9.

Will that trend carry over to this season?

It sure seemed like it in Sunday's matchup. McCaffrey finished the game with 209 yards from scrimmage -- while finishing with 19 carries, 128 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns -- along with ten receptions and 82 receiving yards.

His first touchdown was an eight-yard rush that came from a direct snap in the third quarter.

His second touchdown came from a gritty two-yard run.

He put everything on the line to will the Panthers into a touchdown that brought the game within a field goal.

But, all of this effort resulted in a loss. The next best receiver on the team was D.J. Moore, who had seven receptions for 76 yards and a fumble. The next best rusher? It was Alex Armah, who had one carry and one yard -- which fortunately was a touchdown.

The offense simply didn't do enough to help McCaffrey out on Sunday, and it's hard to imagine what they would look like without him. Cam Newton needs to find himself as a pocket quarterback, since he had negative rushing yards on the game.

A lot of things need to change for the Panthers to be potent offensively, and it all can't come from McCaffrey.