Greg Olsen Rumored to Reunite with Rivera in Washington

Schuyler Callihan

According to Joseph Alper of Pro Football Talk, former Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen is scheduled to meet with the Washington Redskins today.

This comes to no surprise as Olsen and Rivera both came to Carolina in 2011 and saw a ton of success in their nine years in the organization. Rivera brought Olsen over from the Chicago Bears and helped developed him into onE of the NFL's premier tight ends.

The biggest question for Olsen is if he still wants to continue playing or not. If we are being honest, there is more football behind him than there is left in front of him. At age 35, Olsen has accomplished a lot in his career and has considered retirement. This past weekend, he was afforded the opportunity to work as a color analyst in the TV booth for the XFL and boy, did he kill it.

Olsen's situation is awfully similar to Tony Romo's when he was considering retirement - both still had the ability and talent to play and held interest from a couple teams. Romo called it quits and retired a Cowboy, instead of landing with a new team for the final chapter of his career. It's hard to get a read on what Olsen will do, but it appears that he is leaning towards keeping his career alive on the field. 

The Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills are also teams that have shown interest in Olsen with both securing a visit, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

So, should Olsen continue his football playing career? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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He needs to join Mcbean in Buffalo. If you don't want him we'd love him!!