The end result for the Carolina Panthers' Week 1 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams wasn't ideal -- but, some really good things did happen.

Los Angeles' 30-27 victory over Carolina was far from perfect, and they didn't look like the team that made it to a Super Bowl -- well, they actually did. The scoreboard does look dominant in terms of points, but things weren't flowing for the Rams like their 30-point performance may project.

They scored the second-most points in the league last season and Jared Goff had the fourth-most passing yards in the NFL. That trend changed on Sunday after Goff was held to 186 passing yards, and the Rams had the sixth-lowest passer rating, according to ESPN.

Carolina's secondary featured Donte Jackson, James Bradberry, Eric Reid and Tre Boston for the entirety of the game. Bradberry had a crucial fourth quarter interception and the Panthers didn't allow any receiver to surpass 70 yards -- and only one receiver surpassed 50 yards.

The addition of the explosive front seven that Carolina displays will only help the secondary and strengthen overall defensive unit. The Panthers did lose their season opener, but they have plenty of things to hold their head high about heading into Thursday night.