Report: Panthers to Make Push for No. 1 Pick

Schuyler Callihan

The 2020 NFL Combine is finally upon us and usually at this time of year, rumors start floating around about potential moves in the NFL Draft. According to Pro Football Network's Benjamin Allbright, there is increasing belief around the NFL that the Panthers will make a push for the No. 1 overall pick from the Cincinnati Bengals.

Last week here on Panther Maven, we broke down the possibility of the Panthers trading up for LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. Now with rumors floating around Indianapolis that Carolina is interested in a move, this must mean that they have a good idea about what they plan to do with Cam Newton. One way or another, Carolina will likely have to completely overwhelm Cincinnati in order to acquire the first overall pick. What will the Panthers front office be willing to give up? You would potentially be looking at multiple draft picks and maybe, just maybe, Cam Newton as well. Cincinnati seems like they are 100% sold on Burrow and don't have any plans on moving out of the top spot. 

However, Panthers owner David Tepper seems to have a gambler-esque vibe to him. Just this off-season alone he fired Ron Rivera for an up and coming college coach in Matt Rhule. He signed Rhule to a seven year, $62 million dollar contract - which is a little lofty for a first time NFL head coach. On top of that, he went out and hired the hottest trending offensive coordinator in college football, Joe Brady, making him the youngest offensive coordinator in the NFL. So to think that Tepper won't go "all-out" in an attempt to get the No. 1 pick isn't such a far-fetched idea.

Should Carolina get a deal done, they have to be certain that Burrow is going to be a franchise quarterback. Knowing that you're going to sacrifice multiple future assets for one player, could be a risky move. Is Burrow an elite player at the NFL level? Can he take the Panthers to new heights? Can you protect him with a shoddy offensive line? These are all questions that the Panthers must figure out before they pull the trigger on any deal.

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*Note Panther Maven will be in Indianapolis this Thursday for the NFL Combine.*

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Fix online in free agency go get that 1 pick get Joe borrow you have the man he transformed his game into what is why not allow Brady to keep coaching him panthers office please make it happen

No. 1-3

Roll the dice.. QB is first vital piece of a franchise.. club seats psl owner section 308.. let's rock 👍

Panther Blue
Panther Blue

Mr Tepper slow down we have to many other problems that need your attention, how about drafting a front line that will protect Cam.