The Carolina Panthers will roll out their stars in the third preseason matchup against the New England Patriots.

Carolina will head to New England and bring Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Christian McCaffrey and Greg Olsen onto the field with them. The group is healthy and ready to knock off some rust, while squaring off with the reigning Super Bowl champions. Head coach Ron Rivera understands the intensity of this game -- preseason or not -- and he's ready to kick into gear.

The Panthers are coming off a tough-to-swallow loss against the Buffalo Bills, where Carolina was lucky to only lose 27-14. Kyle Allen started at the helm and had an underwhelming performance -- after throwing 4-for-11 with 32 passing yards. Will Grier threw a pick-six, and Taylor Heinecke was the only quarterback to garner positive feedback. And, quarterback was just a minor problem in the grand scheme of things.

Carolina will hope to regain confidence after installing the four most important players on the roster. The Patriots are dealing with some injuries at wide receiver, so they might not come as prepared as they would in the regular or postseason.

Regardless, this will be the first real look at Newton's arm in game action, and it will just be enjoyable to have the essential pieces back on the field.