Ron Rivera Plans to Play all Four Quarterbacks vs. Bears

Ron Rivera plans to give all four quarterbacks on the Panthers' depth chart playing time in the preseason game against the Chicago Bears.
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The Carolina Panthers plan to play all four of their quarterbacks in their preseason debut against the Chicago Bears, according to Ron Rivera.

Cam Newton entered training camp with what appears to be full health, and he'll likely get in a series or two. The Panthers released the unofficial depth chart and the order went Newton, Kyle Allen, Will Grier and Taylor Heinicke.

Allen has had an impressive training camp so far, and will likely get second-team reps. The only quarterback that could potentially go without playing time is Heinicke -- who is still getting over an arm injury from last season.

The biggest question heading into the preseason is -- who will win the battle for second string? Allen and Grier are battling head-to-head right now and the two of them will likely get the most reps throughout the preseason.

It should be Grier's position to lose -- because he was drafted by Carolina in the third round this offseason and he's had an imposing training camp. Allen was undrafted last season out of Texas A&M and he's defying all odds by being in the position that he's in. 

Regardless, it will be very interesting to watch how Newton does with in a full-speed game (if he does play).