Should the Panthers Sign Colin Kaepernick?

The Panthers have no reliable depth after Cam Newton -- who is nursing multiple injuries. Is Colin Kaepernick the answer?
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Putting all politics aside, the Carolina Panthers should strongly consider signing Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick has arguably been the NFL's most controversial player, and political views flood the discussion when his name is involved. Therefore, many teams have stayed away from him, resulting in an unemployed quarterback that's more than capable.

The Panthers went through the first couple of weeks with confidence in their quarterback situation. Cam Newton looked healthy and the backup quarterbacks were providing solid cases for the No. 2 spot. Fast-forward to the end of the third preseason game -- Newton suffered a mid-ankle sprain and none of the backup quarterbacks have remotely made a case for themselves.

So, now the Panthers will head into the regular season with a banged up Newton, and absolutely no security at quarterback. This is where Kaepernick could step in and provide that security, especially because of his mobility. Carolina's offensive line allowed Newton to get sacked twice in 11 snaps against the New England Patriots, and a pocket quarterback has no chance to stay healthy behind this line.

Is Kaepernick ready to play after missing the last two seasons? This video says that he is.

Kaepernick's former teammate and good friend Eric Reid believes that he deserves a chance if Newton isn't healthy.

One of the biggest arguments against Kaepernick is that he's a starter and can't be used as a backup, but look at Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee. There have been plenty of quarterbacks who aren't as talented as Kaepernick that continue to find opportunities -- Nathan Peterman is a great example.

So, with absolutely zero politics involved, Kaepernick is a very viable option to backup Newton if the injuries keep him out.