Teddy Bridgewater already taking over leadership role


Starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has been laying the groundwork to establish himself as a true leader in his first season with the Carolina Panthers.

Bridgewater talked about the importance of being ready to step up at any moment with backup quarterbacks Will Grier and P.J. Walker. This, of course, is something that Teddy has recent experience with since he filled in for All-Pro quarterback Drew Brees last season when he missed five games due to injury.

"I was behind Drew Brees, pretty sure he never missed a game. 'Man, I'll never play' - that was my mindset. You can always talk the talk, 'I'll be ready when my number's called.' But you never know until that opportunity presents itself." The former first-round pick said.

The Saints lost the game that Brees was injured in 27-9 to the Rams. Bridgewater more than made up for it, however, going 5-0 in the five games following the starting quarterback's thumb injury.

The relationship between starting quarterbacks and backup quarterbacks can often be a strange one. It is nice to see that Bridgewater has chosen to put the team above himself and help prepare the guys behind him in case he were to miss some time this season.

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Like it or not, Teddy is the face is the of this franchise. If they rise or fall flat this year, he’s going to be shoulder the praise or blame. It’ll feel weird to not have Cam, but I’m excited for the new era and see what Teddy do as full-time QB after his horrific injury.


Great to know our new QB is humble and helping us there is no I in team. I believe this year is going to be special. Only a real team can win a Superbowl and that means having back ups ready. Like the old saying if you stay ready you do not have to get ready. Enjoyed this article nice to have some good news for a change.

Schuyler Callihan
Schuyler Callihan


Teddy has seemed to have gain a lot of respect from his teammates. You can tell that this is his team.