Sorensen says: Natural order setting in

Scott Hamilton

Longtime Charlotte Observer sports columnist Tom Sorensen tries to help us wrap our arms around what to expect in the NFL. Here are his Week 10 picks.

After nine weeks, order has imposed itself on the NFL. The good teams are getting better, the bad teams getting worse. 

So why do I continue to pick the Cleveland Browns and Chicago Bears? Cleveland’s offense is loaded, and Chicago appears to play every game at home. 

Aside from that, I have no excuses.



Oakland 4 over the Los Angeles Chargers


Baltimore 10 over Cincinnati

Buffalo 2 over Cleveland

Detroit 2 over Chicago

New York Giants 3 over New York Jets

Kansas City 3 over Tennessee

Tampa Bay 5 over Arizona

New Orleans 11 over Atlanta

Indianapolis 9 over Miami

Los Angeles Rams 6 over Pittsburgh

Green Bay 11 over Carolina

Dallas 1 over Minnesota


San Franciso 7 over Seattle