Tre Boston Approves of Matt Rhule, Says He Has the "It" Factor

Schuyler Callihan

As I have stated many times before, in order for a rebuild to be successful in the NFL, you have to win over your locker room. Installing a new offense and defense and getting those guys in the locker room to believe that those systems will work is one thing, but to instill a winning culture and attitude is just as important. 

New Carolina Panthers head coach Matt Rhule has always been a players coach and has always gone about things the right way. He's all about family and creating that family-like atmosphere in the football building. A huge part of his success at Temple and Baylor was due to the amount of trust that his players had in him and the culture that existed within the respective programs.

Although he has yet to coach a game for the Panthers, he seems to be getting a head start in winning over his players. Recently, Panthers safety Tre Boston appeared on the Rapsheet + Friends podcast hosted by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport and talked about the Panthers new head man.

"I think this guy has an edge to him. I think he has a certain 'it' that coaches have to have. I'm excited to see him more in person with the guys, because right now, I think he started with a nice lead because he has a nice momentum going in between how he's treated us, how he's respected us, how he respects our time. That means a lot to professionals and men, adults, as well. So, I think Rhule has set himself up for success with his men. We trust him. We believe in him. And when we get together, it's all about building chemistry and knowing that we are the Carolina Panthers and we're gonna do what it takes to win ballgames around here."

As Boston mentioned, this is a good start for Rhule, but he has yet to meet the majority of his players. In fact, a couple of weeks ago he said that he had met roughly 20 of the 90 or so guys currently on the roster. There's a lot of winning over that he will have to do in the coming months, but judging by Rhule's past, I don't think it will take long for him to have his players' trust. 

"Before you're ever a coach of any X's and O's, I want to know the type of guy you are as a human being. Type of guy you are as a man around your family. The type of husband you are. From what I've seen, he's a great guy. A loving father. A great husband. The way he speaks to his men, the way he is about his details, the way he gets the guys rallying and gets them going. And we might just be on Zoom and little stuff like that. To get guys pumped up over a video, that means a lot. That's who Rhule is."

The earlier an entire roster believes in the head coach and not just philosophically, the faster a franchise can be turned around. From Boston's perspective, it seems as if he's not the only one that appears to be sold on what Matt Rhule is pitching.

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