Patriots Offense Needs to Show up vs. Chiefs If They Want to Avoid 2nd Straight Loss

Sarah Weisberg

It’s cold in Foxboro today, and the New England Patriots are back home to heat things up. Coming off of a loss against the Houston Texans, the Patriots (10-2) are hosting the Kansas City Chiefs (8-4) in what will likely be a game of intense, quick football.

Quarterback Tom Brady has been so visibly agitated during the last few weeks that it’s beginning to look like it’s rubbing off on other players, and it’s time to change that. The 42-year-old quarterback usually thrives at home, and even though a formidable opponent is set to take the field in a tough matchup today, Brady and the boys should have the upper hand.

Containing Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is going to require consistent man coverage early and often. Fortunately, the defense have been the most consistent part of the New England playbook this season, so if the Boogeymen are at the top of their game, putting the brakes on Mahomes should be relatively easy (on paper). Putting that into motion is going to be a test of the defensive lines ability.

Brady has to take control of the offense as fast as humanly possible. All season, there has been so much inconsistency on the field that there’s no telling what’s going to happen. While Edelman and Brady can usually find each other down the field, and rookie Jakobi Meyers has been showing he’s an asset to the team, there’s still such a lack of rhythm between the QB and his receivers. 

New England's offense is historically a powerhouse that can’t be contained, and despite the numerical wins and losses, the numbers and performance don’t match up. Mohamed Sanu and Phillip Dorsett are incredible players, and they need to put that excellence out on the field with regularity, or the downhill trend for the Patriots will continue. 

Let’s hope we see a Tom Brady smile and another tick mark in the win column today. Kickoff is at 4:25pm EST.


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