Another week, another win in an up and down season for the New England Patriots. But, it's another win against a team with a winning record and one of the best offenses in the NFL. 

Starting Sunday, the Patriots begin a three-game streak on the road against the Los Angeles Chargers who are 3-8. That record does not reflect the success rookie quarterback Justin Herbert is having so far this season. He is making a name for himself and a solid case for offensive rookie of the year honors. This game will be closer than both team records show.

Here are the three stats you need to know ahead of Sunday's game via ESPN and Next Gen Stats

301.5 Yards

As if he needed to prove himself more, Herbert is averaging 301.5 passing yards per game this season, second only to Patrick Mahomes. Not only that but he has now surpassed 3,000 total pass yards on the season, and he didn't play in Week 1. 

Herbert can clearly throw the ball. He completed a pass that sailed through the air for 63 yards last week against the Buffalo Bills, which was the longest completion of any quarterback last week. 

The Chargers have lost some close games this season. If Herbert can find a rhythm, it may be hard for the Patriots to keep up with them offensively. 


What's interesting about this number is that it is the completion percentage for both Cam Newton and Justin Herbert. 

However, the two have had very different seasons. The Patriots might have a better record, but the Chargers should have won more than three games so far this season. 

While Herbert has been overall very excellent for a rookie and consistent from week to week, Newton has not. The former MVP has thrown nine interceptions, two of which came in last week's game against Arizona. His interceptions, other errors, and a lack of a cohesive offense have been costly so far this season.  

84 Yards

Yes, this Patriots team is definitely run based, as they are currently ranked 5th in the league for rush yards. However, Cam Newton's 84 passing yards last week is low, even for a team that heavily relies on its running backs. 

If the Patriots want a chance to compete with the Chargers and Herbert, Newton will need to find better connections with his receivers.